This plaque is a great example of the creativity we use for creating one-of-a-kind memorials.

plaque with color plate and engraved plate

Wood Plaque with border and custom plates

Plaques with custom logos can be a challenge, but this plaque combines the best of engraving and a custom, full-color logo. Each award is unique, and each person being honored needs a special form of recognition.The presentation of this wood plaque with plate involved a thank you to a young volunteer who arranges events for the World War II 16th Armored Division Association. These veterans meet to be honored by the Czech people they liberated at the end of the war.

The logo for the 16th Armored Division looks great in color, so it was imprinted on its own plate and added to the display. The dark wood borders of this plaque add to the finished look of the entire award. For more information about custom plaques, give us a call at (503) 344-4476, or use our contact form.