Garden signs or memorial plaques

Perhaps you need a memorial sign for your garden or walkway. We may be able to help you create or match just what you need. Our most popular outdoor engraved sign is the cast monument signing shown here. 

 UV Resistant Signs

UV Resistant Signs

aluminum-plaque engraved

For outdoor use, we supply a material composed of a multi-layer black coating over anodized aluminum, backed by a 3M high performance adhesive.  This metal named Dura-Black is the only CO2 laser engraved product certified for outdoor use that does not require pre-treatment or a protective topcoat to withstand the elements. Because of its ability to perform in challenging environments, Dura-Black meets many government, industrial and military specifications.The material comes in two thicknesses, one for rigid plates and one for slightly curved surfaces.

We have a variety of materials available to make the perfect sign just for you.  We use the process of sublimation for color transfer, via heat to specialty materials that soak in the color. The result is an item that has soaked up the color.  This will stay fresh for many years, although the sublimated products will fade eventually in direct sunlight exposure.

Photo murals

Through the process of sublimation, we help you turn your photos into mural art.

tiled photo panels

This photo mural was created with a product called Chromaluxe High Definition Photo Panels.  These are scratch and UV resistant with a thickness of .045″.  Many sizes are available, and we have the equipment to process sizes up to 12″ x 12.”

Ceramic photo tiles in black frame

Another medium for this full color photo imprinting technology is ceramic tiles.  These are specialty tiles (sorry, we can’t work this magic on YOUR tile.) Also available in a variety of sizes up to 12″ x 12,” these create a finished product that will wow your friends.

Engraved Name Plates and Desk Signs

Acrylic block engraving white

Name plates can be used for desks, reception counters and for directional signs. Sizes range from 8″ to 12″ in width. Materials range from acrylic in your favorite color combinations, acrylic blocks in black which engrave white, or blocks of wood from walnut to alder. Customize your displays in a professional way.

Desk sign wedge

Walnut desk wedge

 “The name plate I ordered really pleased my new employee.  She said she felt like she really belonged at our company now.”

What about a Sign for your Cabin?

Maple Veneer MDF Panel to print photo

Maple Photo Panels 11″ x 14″ coated to print photo

We have matte maple photo panels made from MDF (medium density fiberboard) in several sizes, including 8″ x 8″, 8″ x 10.” 10″ x 10,” to 11″ x 14.”
Design it yourself for a fun looking sign. Note, although the product is UV resistant, you may want to use real weathered wood with engraving for outside use.

Other Office Signs

oval door sign

FRP Oval Door Sign 5″ x 3-1/2″

This FRP (figerglass reinforced plastic) white oval door or room sign can be printed with your colors, logo, or anything you like.  The size is 5″ x 3-1/2″ size make it visible and easy to read.

Laserwerks can closely duplicate or even match some existing signage, or we can help you to create signs that stand out from the ordinary using dynamic design, bold lettering and strong colors. We can customize your signs using a wide variety of signage materials, textures, frames and even offer ADA compliant signs. Artwork for signs must be provided in Corel Draw (.cdr) or 

 Engraved Acrylic with a Natural Look

Two-toned Rowmark plastic sign material will allow you to coordinate the signs with your decor.
acrylic signs
Wood and Natural two-toned acrylic sign material
Note: the maximum sized sign we can create is 12″ x 24″ in size, due to the size of our laser engraving equipment.

Click on Contact Us or phone us at (503) 344 4476 to describe the type of sign and design that will meet your needs.  We work with you to create the sign to your specifications.