Personalized Pens Make Great Gifts

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engraved pen

Beautiful rosewood pen personalized with your name.

An engraved rosewood pen makes a special gift. The pen lasts a long time, and if you need a refill, check office supply stores for a standard Cross refill. When you have a pen engraved with your name, you just might keep it long enough to need a refill!

Purchase one dozen (12) pens for your friends or customers, each with individual names for only $88.00. You will be giving a gift to remember.

 Gift Sets – Pens and Pen Boxes
Laser Engraved Rosewood Pen

Personalize this rosewood pen and a pen box for a memorable gift.

Personalize this rosewood pen and the top of the pen box for a beautiful gift. The pen uses a standard Cross refill, to make it a gift to last for years..

Engraved Pen in Engraved Box,   $25




Rosewood pen box, rosewood pen and pencil

Rosewood pen box, pen and pencil

Pen and pencil set $35

The rosewood pen and pencil can be personalized with a name, and this laser engraving is included in the price. The pencil uses .9mm lead and the pen refillable with a Cross type refill.  The wood has a natural variation, but this is not considered a defect to the product.   This set is one of our best selling products for a special occasion.


pen-pencil-engraved wood case

Wood case may be engraved and then optionally gold-color filled

Special Wood Pen Pencil Engraved Case

Wood Pen & Pencil with Engraved Case $45

Maple Pen-Pencil Set with name engraved on pen and pencil and engraving on the top of the case. $33

More pen styles available:                                                                                                                                                                          

Metal Pen Engraved

Black metal pen with silver trim, engraved $6.75

Engraved metal pens are refillable and use a standard Parker refill.

Come by our showroom to select your gift. We even have a limited supply of unique, hand-turned pens available for sale,  These can  be engraved, and each pen is unique. You can even choose from a variety of unusual woods available.

Note: We may or may not be able to engrave a pen you bring to us. Some materials can not be engraved in our laser, and some finishes are not suitable for laser processing.

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