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“Customers are not an interruption of our work — you are the purpose of it.”

Don Svela started Laserwerks in 2005 to provide custom engraved gifts and awards.He will provide quality customer service and he insists on excellence in production. As a member of the prestigious International Awards and Personalization Association, he shares APA’s commitment to professionalism in the manufacture, distribution and sales of awards,and in the personalization of goods and services. Serving Clackamas,Milwaukie, Oregon City, Portland, Salem, and West Linn.


Personalized Metal Marking

We are pleased to answer your inquiries about personalization of items you own or have purchased and want to have personalized.  Basically, we need to know the material origin of your item if we are to use our laser equipment on your item.  There are many materials manufactured in other countries that when lasered, produce dangerous gasses or would ruin our very costly equipment.  The item you own may look similar to the ones we have available from our approved suppliers, but without knowing the exact composition of your material or finish, we are unable to personalize.

Stainless steel tumbler with laser engraved personalization

Stainless Tumbler laser-personalized using Cermark Spray

Our laser does not cut into metal.  The engraving we do on our products cuts through anodized coatings, or in the case of our stainless products such as stainless mugs, thermoses or even knife blades, we mark them with a special spray-on product called CerMark. This is a Metal Marking Spray that creates solid black engraving on uncoated metals. The products we stock are primed to accept this method of marking. If you had some item you purchased elsewhere, please be aware that because stainless steel varies in composition, we can not know if the product will work effectively on an item where you do not know the composition of the stainless or the coating which might have been used.  In attempting to use our specialized process on unknown materials, we may discover that the coating might not adhere evenly.  Your product may be a candidate for rotary engraving technology.   

Other considerations for marking include the shape of your item.  Is there a slope, curve or other angle on your blade or container? This may limit what can be done.  Call us with questions. We are pleased to help you if we can. 

Color Photo Sublimation Process 

Coasters hardback with photo imprint

Hardback photo sublimated coasters with cork backing

The company now offers color infused products using a process called sublimation.  At Laserwerks,  we have the capability to produce both individual items and small production runs at competitive prices. If you don’t need the minimum quantities you had in mind, call us. For examples of the wide variety of products available, see our personalized gift catalog on the Home page.




Located in Milwaukie, Oregon, you can reach us by calling 503-344-4476 or by Contacting Us for an estimate on your individual project.

Don Svela at Laserwerks Awards & Gifts

Don Svela – Awards and Recognition Association – Certified Recognition Specialist 
Don achieved his Certified Recognition Specialist (CRS) designation from APA. This designation demonstrates his commitment to professional achievement in the awards and recognition industry.  Whether you are developing a  company recognition program or are creating a marketing program with a distinctive touch, he can provide you with the inspiration to make your gift or award unique.

Read about Laserwerks Awards & Gifts From the Insights Magazine, the International Awards and Recognition Association publication,  Laserwerks-article-ARA-Magazine

Laserwerks’ Mission Statement

Our mission is to be the best supplier of recognition and specialty products that we can be—to serve the highest, long-term interests of our customers, our employees, our community, and our company. We are craftsmen at heart. We want to produce creative and unique products that you will be proud to present.

In order to accomplish this, we will strive for the highest level of
•        commitment to quality and on-time delivery
•        creativity of product and design
•        individualized customer services

We succeed if you are pleased that we have met your level of your expectation and beyond.


Awards and Personalization Association since 2005,
Lake Oswego Chamber of Commerce 2013-present,
North Clackamas Chamber of Commerce 2012-present,  and the
Gladstone Business Owners Association.
We offer discounts to LOCC and NCCC members and US Military Veterans.