Keep 64 oz. of your favorite brew cool and cold with these personalized Polar Camel Growlers. Available in matte black insulated growler with swing top lid, and with silver engraved logo or message.

growler engraved

$60.00 engraved

Growler - Stainless - Personalized

$70.00 Engraved

Note Engraving for the stainless growler requires extra processing and time to create, and the use of a blackening agent when lasered, the personalization is permanent. Make it a special memento of that party or other occasion.

Both containers have double-walled vacuum insulation. Both are certified BPA and lead-free. Hand washing is the best cleaning method, and cleaning in the dishwasher is not recommended.  Keep the growler cold until you have time to triple rinse it with hot water, then let it dry in the air upside down with the cap put aside.

These growlers have two times the heat and cold resistance as regular growlers.  They are four and three-quarters inches in diameter and eight and one half inches in the chamber, with an overall height of 13-1/4″.  The thickness of the walls is 3/16ths.

How much beer will the growler hold? A six pack of beer is about 72 ounces, so you will have a little more than five beers in a 64 oz. growler. How many pints is that? Four pints. It is best to keep a growler refrigerated until you are ready to use it, and the beer will keep one to two weeks.  However, you should probably use the beer within 4-6 hours from when it is opened.