Making an Effective Awards and Recognition Presentation

Team AwardsThere are many occasions for honoring others, be it for sports, academic, sales achievement, for retirement, or embarking on job or a new career. Many award presentations fail because they do not do justice to the individual being honored. Some are too short or vague, and others are too long and boring.
When you are called upon to present an award or memento, it is your opportunity and duty to honor the person or persons being recognized.

Proper preparation and planning will help you acknowledge the individual adequately and graciously. The following guidelines will make your awards presentation speech more effective and memorable:

1. Give praise that is appropriate to the occasion, but don’t be dishonest.

2. Be as specific as possible in explaining why the recipient is being honored by listing his or her community service accomplishments, projects completed, and career highlights.

3. Demonstrate the true qualities of the recipient by making comments about what makes this individual unique or noteworthy. Ask friends and acquaintances for anecdotes or talents that should be noted.

4. To prepare your presentation seek information from those who know him or her and share the information in a straightforward and positive manner.