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Name badges are among  our most popular products. Businesses use them to show their personal side. Customers like to know the name of the person they are meeting in your business. Most of us want more of the personal service we used to have through our local businesses.Name badges also make your customers feel comfortable, warm and at home.  A personal name badge makes your employee a ‘local.’ Logos are not a problem.  If you would like full color, consider a ‘sublimated’ badge.  This process imprints the color into the material for a vibrant look.

Spend time creating custom badges that reflect well on your business as well as give the name of the employee.

Laser Engraved Name Badges

Nametags are made from acrylic materials which have two layers. The top layer is lasered to reveal a black or white contrasting layer.  These badges come in the following popular colors:

White with black letters, white with blue letters, black with white letters,
gold with black letters, silver with black, as well as other, more custom color combinations are available for larger quantity orders of name badges.

Name badges

Name Badges $10

Choose your style, color, even add a photo or color logo to certain types of full color badges.  

Priced between $10.00 and $15.00 each, depending on the style and whether they have a frame. Most badges will not require a special set-up fee if you are able to provide us with camera ready artwork and/or logos. Badges can be made with magnet backs or pin-on types.

We will be happy to give ideas and quote prices for the badges you need.


Full Color Sublimated Name Badges

Here are examples of our popular sublimated
Custom Color Name Badge
3/32″ Thick, 1-1/2″ x 3″
with magnetic backing. $10 (2 identical badges for $15.)

Name Badge - Custom

Gloss Finish Full Color Plastic Name Badge

Badges also come in a 2″x 3″ size.
Both come in glossy and matte finish $10 each or you can get two identical badges for $15 (carry a spare).

Name Badge- Matte 2" x 3"

Matte Finish and a large size make this badge easy to read

Custom Engraved Name Badge

Name Badges Engraved or full color, ranging in price from $10-15.00

 Quality, Durability, Variety
Your name badges represent your company or organization. With our quality laser engraving resolution on the finest metals and plastics available, we can engrave most logos presented to us in a finished format. Design services are available to us if your artwork needs refining. Testimonials from our satisfied customers help to assure you that you will be thrilled with your new name badges from Laserwerks Awards & Gifts.


Name Badge Back Fasteners

Name Badge clasps include Magnetic, Badge Clip and Pin Backs.

Note: Under most circumstances (where you provide usable artwork), we do not charge an extra setup fee.

Here are keys to building a distinctive name badge that reflects well on your business as well as on your employee:

  1. Create a good looking badge that promotes your business and your employee in a positive light. The employee name should be prominent on the badge and easy to read.
  2. Think about a design that will reflect what your company does. If you are a veterinarian, add animals, or a dentist might have a tooth or a toothbrush on it, etc.

Make it easy for an employee to replace a lost badge if needed. Our new program, Carry a Spare, allows you to get an additional identical badge for half price.

Once your design is approved and the invoice paid, turnaround time is rapid.  We believe in quality and your satisfaction is important to us.

How about creating Employee of the Month Badges? 

Recognize the Employee of the Month with a special badge featuring the name of the employee and the Employee of the Month designation. Everyone appreciates special recognition.

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Leatherette Name Badges