Photo Mugs and Coasters

These works will soon appear on coffee mugs and coasters for an upcoming exhibit

Paintings by noted Northwest artist, Rolf Oversvee will soon appear on mugs and coasters to accompany his major exhibit at the River Gallery in LaConner, Washington in September.

Artwork with a strong Nordic influence comes naturally to Oversvee, with his Scandinavian heritage and Northwest roots.  His artworks are right at home in the LaConner area with many Puget Sound inspired themes. Oversvee’s paintings are often stormy Puget Sound scenes with strong brush strokes and bold colors. He also has sculptures in the permanent collection of the Nordic Heritage Museum in Ballard.  His artwork has been shown at the Folk Life Festival in Seattle, Jul Fest in Ballard, Bellevue Art Festival, Edmonds Art Festival and art shows in LaConner.

Laserwerks creates photo imprinted products so that Rolf and his wife Jan Oversvee have impressions of his art to offer his devoted admirers.  Everyday objects such as coasters and mugs remind his fans of the works they have seen.


The coffee mugs have a navy interior and handle, and a photo of the painting is imprinted into the ceramic material with a process which lasts through many years of dishwashing. What a fine souvenir of the exhibit!




The coasters come in ceramic tile in varying sizes, sandstone coasters, and hardboard coasters with cork backing the imprint deep into the surface for years of enjoyment.