Custom Laser Services

Laser Engraving

Don Svela using a Laser Engraver

We offer custom cutting and laser engraving of acrylic for industrial, artistic and personal projects.

Examples include:

Custom signs
Quilting templates
Custom car restoration dashboard projects
Indoor/Outdoor Labels
Concept Plastic Display Projects
If you have a referral to Laserwerks from an acrylic or plastic supplier, please contact Don directly at (503) 344-4476 to review your specifications.

On our Epilog laser machine, we can engrave on certain wood surfaces, but not ‘mystery surfaces’ which might be something you own which was manufactured abroad but we cannot be certain would not emit dangerous gasses when they are lasered.

We do not operate the older rotary engraving technology that you might want to use to engrave on your jewelry. You may find help for this need at a full service jeweler or a traditional trophy shop.

Engraving on certain sized wood (maximum 12″ by 24″ ) is available, provided the exact specifications for the finish already applied to the wood can be verified. Our laser engraver cannot operate safely with any product containing chlorine, including vinyl or any product with PVC. Contact us via email for further information.

award ceremony

Recognition is Rewarding

Award Program Design

Giving an employee, volunteer, or donor the special recognition they deserve involves both creating an expression of your appreciation in the form of an award, but also in planning an event that will highlight the special moment.

Call for information on our design services, ideas for maximizing your corporate recognition program, or for ideas of unique designs in plastic, wood or metal. Let’s discuss your objectives to help you to meet your goals within your budget. Contact us at (503) 344 -4476.


I did a happy dance last night!
Received the template set

yesterday and made a block
with them! I have NEVER had

a block turn out so perfect!   

 I’m thrilled beyond words!
Thanks, Don.