To create successful employee recognition, first and foremost, build an employee recognition system.  The system will help employees see what you value in their efforts.  Improved sales volume, getting to work on time, staying safe with a safety program, encourage employee longevity; these are all important markers you might seek to recognize and reward. Set aside time to meet with employees where awards presentations may be made. We all want to be recognized in front of our peers. If you can’t think of what to say, let us help you with suggestions.

Do you need a special plaque, or maybe an insulated Cold or Hot mug with a special recognition message? We have personalized employee recognition starting at $8.00 per person.

Employee Recognition Awards

Enjoying Recognition

Perfect attendance awards are always a bargain in terms of the cost-benefit equation. Monthly or yearly punctuality and attendance will pay you big benefits. Give us a call to schedule. Rewards that are presented by management to employees help to bond both groups with a common objective; a well run establishment.Greater attention to attendance, punctuality and on-the-job safety yields productivity increases.

We can provide you with rewards small and large to meet your needs and delight your employees. Call us at 503-344-4476 for ideas.